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DZFS defect zero, full satisfaction system

CEO message

Dear Our Customers,

SHINIL TEX CO., LTD., established in 1994, has majored in the
Development of textile-technology and production of high quality textile and exporting various outstanding fabric.

Our excellent fabric has been exported to the global markets with high praise from our customers on our quality as well as our following service over the past 20 years.

By our own know-how on planning, weaving and finishing for various high quality fabric accumulated from the long experience and our constant endeavor to develop something new in fabric, we have been grown up as one of the leading company groups in the high fashion fabric market in the world.

Furthermore, we have recently succeeded in the development of eco-friendly fabric opening the new era of eco-development in this field.

SHINIL TEX CO., LTD., strive to meet customers' satisfaction with our own developed system calling "DZFS"(Defect Zero, Full Satisfaction System)
together with specialist highly educated and experienced in each field, which will present the new, extra-ordinary experience to you all.

Thanks and with best regards,

President & CEO D.B. Kang


  • ~now Increasing sales through direct and wholesale merchant business with the development of new products
  • 2008 Expansion of Seoul Trading Office
  • 2005 Establishment of sales office at Daegu
  • 2001 Establishment of SHINIL TEX Co., LTD
  • 1999 Establishment of a weaving & twisting factory at Gumi, Korea
  • 1998 Registration of trademark CLOVER TEX
  • 1997 Establishment of SHINIL trading office at Myeung Dong, Seoul
  • 1995 Establishment of a manufacturing factory at Seokjeok
  • 1994 Establishment of SHINIL

green company policy & value people

We value people

  • Who stick to
    the basic
  • Who are full of
  • Who possess the
    work ethic
  • Who continuously
    challenge themselves
    to become the world's
    best innovators

Green company policy

GRS(Global Recycle Standard)
SHINILTEX serves GRS certified polyester woven fabric to global market and producing all recycled products in fully GRS certified our own facilities.



  • Overseas Sales Division
    • Sales Section 1
    • Sales Section 2
  • Production & Management Division
    • Weaving &
      Management Section
      • In-grey fabric
        Weaving Team
      • Production
        Management Team
      • Quality
        Control Team
    • Dyeing &
      Management Section
      • Final Quality
        Control Team
  • Planning Division
    • General Affairs Section


Your Global Partner SHINIL TEX
Greate Best QuaLity

151-39, 1Gongdan-ro, 6-Gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongbuk, Korea.
TEL . +82-54-461-1661 / FAX. +82-54-461-7611

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[  GUMI   ] Head Office : 151-39, 1Gongdan-ro, 6Gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongbuk, Korea TEL: +82-54-461-1661 FAX: +82-54-461-7611
[ DAEGU ] RM201, Korea Textile Institute Business Center, 136, Gukchae Bosang-ro, Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea TEL: +82-53-522-9311 FAX: +82-53-522-9312